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You raise preflop, and then check the flop.
The more likely your opponents are to bluff on casino no deposit bonuses codes future streets, the more you want to continue calling and let them bluff away their money.
Youve been in this situation many times.With your strongest hands, you should either check-raise or simply call.This statistic works in conjunction with how your opponents react to check-raising and how aggressive they are on further streets.While donk-betting is a strategy with a poor image, betting when the preflop raiser checks is a basic postflop skill to master.However, if they have a high donk bet in position, it is likely that they are float betting weak hands that you can beat.Against this opponent, you should be inclined to check and call with your strong hands.Donk bet in position and float are two terms for the same statistic.Against these opponents, you can make a float bet with a wider range on boards that have a flush draw when faced with a check.You can call, fold, or check-raise.what to do when facing a float bet.Generally, the higher your opponents continuation betting percentage, the more they will fold to a float bet.(Please do not confuse donk bet in position with the donk bet statistic.
«Preflop Actions Encountered With Sizes».
In these cases, your opponents are telling you that they do not have a strong hand; if they did, they would have bet out of fear of the flush draw.
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To Steal Blinds ".
Vpip Voluntary Put In The Pot.
Vpip from SB  Voluntary Put In The Pot From Small Blind.