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Category player icon nation league club nation icon dead link weak link weak link strong link strong link hyper link The dead links are the weakest connections and consequently the most penalising for the chemistry.
If your plan is to build a hybrid squad with high chemistry, take a look to our special techniques here.Assuming that each league, club or nationality in common represents one point, the ratio between these points and the number of best casino free spins online links tells us whether or not you will reach maximum chemistry in four different scenarios: Players in the right position and with the managers.That way, in the beginning of each match, the players attributes are directly affected by their individual chemistry and also by the teams depending on the chemistry style that is active.There are also some players that consider chemistry styles more important than the chemistry.Chemistry links can be classified in four categories, as you can see in the following table.However, very pertinent questions arise: if we make a substitution, what will be the chemistry of the player who goes in and how is it going to affect the teams chemistry?We went in a deep search and found everything there is to be discussed about this theme, including how chemistry is affected, the substitutes, the team management and how to reach the best chemistry possible.For example: if all the players except one are from one specific league and already have individual chemistry 10, it may be better to try to match the manager league with the league of the only player that doesnt have the higher chemistry possible.They can only play well on the goal, and are the only players that cant get adapted to any other position.The higher is the value, the better.That is, you dont have to pick players to the bench who have the same nationality, league or club of those who are in the initial eleven, because the chemistry of who goes in will always be the same, regardless of which player.It does not matter which player he will replace, because he will not take the chemistry of that player.Price:.00 EUR, select type: Telephone Payment, payment Methods, sMS /.Here is another interesting fact: once in-game, Team Management has no effect on chemistry, this includes but is not limited to formation and position changes.A green arrow indicates that the stat will be boosted.It means that all his six attributes may be improved in the same way by one arrow.This is not really the desired chemistry.
The more green arrows per stat, the bigger will be the boost.

However, since chemistry math is a bit complex, you not always know if you are undersizing or oversizing these two factors.