Casino customer service training videos

Invest a little time auditioning to make sure you find the best solution for your guest service needs.
People who go through training need to see progress and that requires a beginning, middle and end.
People learn by doing.Crawley explains the four all-star traits of customer service masters.For example, how can you incorporate a reality TV program into your training?It can take 45 minutes to an hour for a group to get warmed up and start taking part in the training.I see guest service in a casino as more guest sales.I recommend that casinos hire training companies and in-house staff trainers the same way they hire an act to entertain their guests.When it comes to guest services, it takes a formidable strategy to be successful in the gaming industry.When dealing with casino players, as opposed to a hotel customer, guest service gets them to continue buying.Amazing Taxi Cab Driver, professional speaker and bestselling author, Shep Hyken, tells his famous customer service story about the amazing taxi cab driver.That means the program should focus on the people who are there to learn new skills.The room can actually have an effect on how people participate in the training.
When each person from the management team participates, word gets out that this is a mission, not a one-time event.
Some players require this level of treatment to be satisfied.

How long should the training session be?
Do a 360-degree evaluation so you see things from the guests perspective, from managements viewpoint and from the employees standpoint.
Satisfying guests who arent too happy about dropping 500 at the craps table in 20 minutes can be extremely challenging.