Bingo serenata chocolate

Chocolate, one of the most popular delicacies in the world, comes from an Aztec word xocolatl, which means bitter water.
Sugar.33g, ruletka na żywo online protein.00g, vitamin A 0, vitamin.0, calcium 0, iron.00, find more foods.Made from cocoa beans, both the beans and the pulp are fermented together and left to dry.The serenata brand has become generic for the whole category of wafers.The two most popular varieties of Belgian chocolate are pralines and truffles.Ingredients: Sugar, wheat flour, cocoa butter, milk powder.After its try, the beans are moved to a factory syberyjska ruletka s01e01 for final processing.Amaretti cocoa cream filled wafer 40gr.Bingo serenata is the product with the highest sales (in units sold) from any other confectionery product in Greece.Polyunsaturated Fat 0g, monounsaturated Fat 0g, cholesterol 0mg, sodium 467mg, potassium 0mg, carbohydrates.00g, fiber.3g.At this stage, some other beans varieties might be used to create different varieties of chocolate.Calories 567, protein oteinnumber:0, carbs rbsnumber:0, fat result.Fatnumber:0, fat.00g, saturated Fat.333g.Choose from white, milk or dark chocolate or spoil someone with a gift that contains wine, chocolate and flowers the ultimate gift combination.There are a lot of chocolate varieties and some of the biggest chocolate producers in the world include: Dominican Republic, Peru, Equador, West Africa, Indonesia, Ghana and other.At the beginning, it used to be consumed as a bitter drink, not the sweet treat we know it today.
The chocolate making tradition dates back to 17 century, when Belgium was ruled by Spain and the voyagers from South America brought cocoa beans to Belgium.
Whether it is the classic form or the one with hazelnuts, serenata is one more all time classic product in the Greek market może w kasynie spotkasz mnie produced by bingo.

Shopping category: Snacks, calories in 1 piece serving of Bingo Serenata Twin Milk Chocolate Wafer.
Milk chocolate covered wafer.